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How We Stack Up

On using the latest edge technologies

In-house Dufflepress CMS gives you the control to shape your brands' presence on the web

Server-side rendering brings SEO to dynamic web applications / sites

Full PWA capabilities with the service worker for unreal performance gains

No worrying about maintenance, hosting, and scalability

Rapid Turnaround

Time is on your side and so are we

Edge Technologies

Enable the most powerful experience for your users

Total Transparency

Know what we're doing and what you're paying for

Dufflebag Boys

Secure the bag alert

Full-stack Mack
Full-stack Mack

On some days all Cam eats is Javascript. Having come from a long line of 1337, he uses only Vim. His animals are the most important things to him, along with sharing the code to all.

Product Plug
Product Plug

The first words out of Nick's mouth were "hack the planet!" Now that this Dad doesn't have to get his hands dirty, you'll find him locked away planning the way to ignite your business.

Duffled-up Dev
Duffled-up Dev

Ascending from the gaming world and crash landing in the development space. Trey is focused on self-improvement, utilizing a fail-fast approach, and helping dufflebag raise the bar.

Welcome to Real Real-time

Give your customers new ways to reach your business

Unique and Custom

We go hard in the paint

Prototypes That Hit The Streets

From hardware to software

Security Is A Priority

Hackers at <3

Peer to Peer

Our apps, partners, and clients are all preferred to be treated as peers

The Stack

That gives back

Big FAQs

We don't give a FAQ

What is Code as a Service?

I don’t get your brand, and what’s with all these bags of cash?

What is so proggesive about dufflebag?

You mentioned duffleCMS, what's that all about?

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